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Who We’ve Taken Across the Finish Line


Honest Climb Media | Jason Portnoy

From modest roots in the suburbs of New Jersey, Jason Portnoy followed a script carefully crafted by society and found himself in the middle of the PayPal Mafia, launched into a Silicon Valley career of wealth and prestige he never dreamed of. Stock options, flashy cars, an amazing family. On the outside, his life looked perfect, but unhealed traumas from his past left him tortured, descending into a dark world...



By using AI and big data, Coupang revolutionized how Korean consumers shop and is now a NYSE-listed company venturing to other parts of Asia.



Founded by internationally-recognized cybersecurity expert Wayne Huang and serial entrepreneur Winston Hsiao, the Taipei-based neo fintech is the world's leading platform to offer a full-suite of blockchain services to resolve the dollar-liquidity shortage issues faced by cross-border merchants in emerging markets.


Life Beyond School

A modern guide for parents to help kids learn and practice foundational skills that will serve them for life. At Life Beyond School, we believe that foundational skills are the building blocks of a successful life beyond school, and these skills need to be learned and practiced – especially starting from a young age.


FLUV 毛小愛

Founded by serial entrepreneur Cadance Chen, Fluv is Taiwan's premier pet-care platform that offers an array of pet services at your fingertip, from grooming, walking, sitting, veterinary services etc.



Formerly known as Infinity Ventures, Headline Asia a dominant player in the VC space with a bevy of highly successful portfolio companies in Asia such as Pinkoi, Groupon, TaiwanTaxi, 17Live and many more. 



Led by award-winning journalist Angie Lau, Forkast.News is the go-to news source for all things blockchain, crypto, DAO, Gamefi, NFT and more. With a team of seasoned reporters and editors around the world, Forkast provides market-moving breaking news that help viewers and readers stay ahead of the curve.

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